Zero Turn Lawn Mowers vs Electric Mowers

Whenever walking into a store selling lawn care equipment, one cannot help but wonder at how many available models of lawn mowers are available for home use. Recently, zero turn lawn mowers have come into play, even though they were mainly used by companies specialized in taking care of large stadiums or golf courses. While there are only a few people that have a golf course of their own, or a lawn that is the size of a stadium, some have found zero turn mowers to prove quite useful, when you don’t have a lot of time, and you do not want to face physical exhaustion because of mowing the lawn. Let’s see how zero turn lawn mowers are different from electric mowers, and what may tip the balance in favor of one or the other.

Gas or Electric?

This is a very important question and one needs to consider it carefully when making a decision. Zero turn mowers run on gas, they are a bit noisy, but they have a lot of power to go around, and you really feel you are controlling a great piece of machinery, when you stay behind the steering wheel. The engine provides enough power, and you can do a lot of movements, as you guide the wheels. On the other hand, electric mowers are not noisy, they do not create exhaust emissions, and they are cleaner, as a rule.

Yet, they are limited in power capability, and the fact that they need to be plugged in, makes it hard to extend their area of use to more than the length of the cord allows. A solution to this particular aspect is the fact that are also cordless lawn mowers available on the market, but this does not change the fact that an electric lawn mower cannot do the same amount of mowing, and not nearly as efficient as zero turn lawn mowers are capable of. Also, cordless lawn mowers need to charge after a while, and you cannot use them in one sweep, if you have a large lawn to care for.

What to Take into Consideration

If you are still hesitating between purchasing a zero turn lawn mower and an electric mower, there are a few things that can convince you to buy one or the other. One is the size of your lawn. If you have a very large lawn, your choice should go with a zero turn lawn mower, if not, a cordless electric lawn mower may suffice. Another may be the fun factor. With a zero-turn machine, which is a type of riding lawn mower, you can truly have a lot of fun, so, if you care for such aspects, you know which is our recommendation. Zero turn lawn mowers are fast, efficient, and worth the money spent for them. Electric mowers are mostly fit for someone that does not care about these aspects, and wants to spend less on such a piece of equipment.

It is up to you to make the right choice. Zero turn lawn mowers represent the latest trend and they are cool pieces of lawn care equipment that come with a price.