How To Maintain Your String Trimmer

String trimmers, commonly known as weed whackers are one of the best gardening tools that enable users to finish trimming or edging tasks within a short period of time. They can even be used to trim hard weeds and difficult-to-reach areas just like the lawn mowers do. They can work along fences, around mature trees and rocks.

There are a number of kinds available in the market that give users a facility to select a trimmer according to their requirements. If you have a large yard then a heavy duty trimmer will be the best choice as it is powerful and durable. But they are a bit louder and heavier as compared to other versions and need a certain proportion of oil and gas.

For those who want to trim small areas, electric weed eaters are perfect that need lots of care and users have to maintain them and keep them in the best condition. Since extension cords are attached with these types of trimmers, you will have to take great care of the accessibility to the targeted areas.

These trimmers eliminate the hassle of mixing oil and gas and even do not require battery charging. Its additional accessories like spool, cut replacement, grading blades, spool cover also require great care in order to serve you for a longer period of time.

Maintain Your String Trimmer


It is always necessary to clean the string trimmers at least one time throughout the season, possibly before going to store them. Ensure that the power is turned off, the gas tank is emptied and sparking plug wire is also disconnected.

Use a soft hair brush along with a mixture of water and dish liquid in order to clean their exterior. Also, it is important to replace the air filter after every ninety days so as to keep sustain its good condition.

According to the level of dirt accumulated and usage, the sparking plugs have to be checked after every three to four months. You can easily do that by emptying gas tank and removing the sparking plug. Do not always operate this equipment too aggressively around fences, living trees, shrubs and houses.

Even, some users use them as lawnmowers because they know, these trimmers can control the required height of grass trimmed and beautify gardens in the way users want.