About Me

This is a blog about life, love, food, family, friends.  It’s about the magic in the everyday, the adventures big and small.  It’s about honest eating and cooking and feeding.  From the heart, real, striving towards the sublime but just as happy with the simple.  It’s a small kitchen and a growing family, and all that happens in between the nooks and crannies of the everyday rush…and the special places you can find there if you pay attention.

It’s about my own jaunts in the kitchen, and sometimes beyond.  I started this blog on my own, and now I have my dear C and our little ones, who can’t help but appear interwoven in my stories.  It’s about trying to get and give the best I can make.  It’s about real life cooking in all it glories and foibles.

Oh, and recipes included!

If you think you have no time or skill or inclination to cook…I hope you can stop a minute and try to let me show you otherwise.